eDoc Management Company provides solutions that meet the following business needs

Information digitization

We will convert your physical information into electronic data for easier and faster storage, access and usability. The digital data can be made available to users in standard file formats or can be indexed and fed into a Document Management or Enterprise Information Management solution.

We have partnered with First-Coast Technologies, one of the continents leading office optimization and digitization companies to provide scanning hardware and image compression software.

Document Management

For organizations that require more structured data access, digitized data can be passed to an existing or new Document Management System (DMS). Document Management Systems provide a centralized, secured, ordered single point of access for company information and handle searching, updating, sharing, collaboration and tracking functionality.

Our digitized data is in standard format and can be used with any chosen DMS.

Enterprise Information Management

With our partner AVAALI, we bring world class Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions to organizations seeking to manage unstructured information including email, technical drawings, product specifications, images and of course digitized documents.

We develop customized workflow solutions to automate your business processes using digital documents and data.

Our ECM solutions will integrate into ERP implementations allowing companies to take full advantage of information management for lean and improved business processes.

Records Storage and Management

eDoc Management Company also focuses on records storage and managements solutions
• Off-site records storage and management facilities. In collaboration with G4S we provide a secure storage location for your physical documents. We manage archiving, indexing and on demand retrieval of records.
• Secure certified document disposal. We will destroy physical documents you no longer need and issue you a certificate of destruction for your records.

We bring to bear our expertise to merge these areas of focus to provide truly end to end digital information management solutions that allow our customers to maximize information availability for business process efficiency. Our solutions allow businesses to enhance the management of information through one or more of the stages of its life from creation through to secure destruction.

Information Lifecycle Management by eDoc


Documents including books, pamphlets, photographs, magazines and newspapers are scanned fast and at very high quality


Indexed data can be easily imported into any document management or enterprise information solution


Optical character recognition (OCR) can be applied to documents during the scanning process, making their text searchable


Output can be in a variety of file formats, including .TIFF, .PDF and .JPG.


Data output can be auto-indexed using advanced software technology


All data is backed up and transferred onto CD/DVD, external hard disk or flash disk.


Microfilm and microfiche can be scanned and converted from film to digital format


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